Who does Ozone affect?

Who does Ozone affect?

Children often play outside for long periods during the summer. Their lungs are still developing, and they breathe more rapidly and inhale more air pollution per pound of body weight than adults. On days when ozone levels are high, these factors put children at increased risk for respiratory problems.

People with lung diseases
People who suffer from lung diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, asthma, and colds have even more trouble breathing when the air is polluted. The effects can be worse for anyone who spends significant periods of time exercising or working outdoors.

Active adults
During exercise or strenuous work we breathe more often and draw air more deeply into the lungs. When we exercise heavily, we may increase our intake of air by as much as 10 times our level at rest.

The interaction between air pollution and exercise is so strong that health scientists typically use exercising volunteers in their research.

The financial toll
Air pollution is costly.
The costs include expenses for:
  • Increased health care and property damage
  • Decreased property values and diminished quality of life
Reducing air pollution also is costly. The costs can include expenditures for installing, operating, maintaining, and monitoring emission control systems.

Some of these costs are paid directly by business and industry. Others are paid indirectly through increased production costs and loss of business and economic opportunity.
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